• Great culture, easy to prepare, great taste. The only drawback is having to keep making it. I found I am unable to get through a litre of kefir a day so end up wasting it. Still even if you get 3-4 litres and then chuck it, not bad value for money

  • This was not what I expected. I thought they would be a different type (grain like crystals) but the culture did work very well. I prefer the type that you buy only once and as they multiply you can share them with family, friends and neighbours.

    B. Reddincustomer
  • Unfortunately none of the first three sachets worked for me despite following the instructions carefully. I contacted Kefir company and they responded immediately offering either replacement or a full refund. The response from the Company was quick and impressive. That’s vitally important. I elected the refund mainly because I have a need to get the kefir going quickly.

    Nevertheless the company also offered me a free replacement pack. I will try these on arrival and if the product works this time I will come back and re-rate it here. Certainly the company responsiveness to customers is impressive and I am happy to try another batch.

    POSTSCRIPT: The free replacements arrived and I have successfully prepared the first batch. Unless the original batch was actually duff, which I now doubt, I think the problem was twofold (1) I took the words “room temperature” at face value, but later success was in a warmer room (2) I first tried it with sterilised goats milk. In fact another starter from elsewhere also failed on that. However, using fresh unpasteurised, unsterilised (boiled) goats milk we are in business. SO I AM OK WITH THE PRODUCT AND DELIGHTED AT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE.

    P. Cronkcustomer
  • Wonderful product. I heard about Kefir quire by chance. I have had a number of difficulties with my digestion and an overgrowth of Candida/yeast. This product along with herbal treatment from a kinesiologist has eliminated the growth from my colon. I am now sympton free and feel wonderful. It is easy to grow…I make a batch as per instructions and as I come to the end of that I use the last inch left in the jar to make another batch. I no longer require the herbal treatment and take the kefir daily on my cereal or as a desert with fresh fruit. I highly recommend this product.

    Angeleyes UKcustomer
  • A wonder product. Tasty, easy to make and at a good price. I tried other kefir and this one the one I love best! Thanks!

  • Amazing Kefir. I love this product, it was really easy to make and my digestion has improved so much from taking this. I highly recommend this product to others.

    Grandma Trishcustomer
  • First choice. Will recommend to all my friends. It is good value for money. The result above all expectations. Thank you

    F. Andrievskycustomer
  • Since I have been taking the elixir of Kefir I have noticed that my digestion has improved and also my ability to sleep deeper and longer. the other night I slept for at least nine hours. I haven’t slept that long in many years. I will continue using this product and also do you have a culture for growing Lassi if yes I will be ordering some. I like to drink a litre of Kefir first thing in the morning instead of a breakfast and this sets me up for the day. Many Thanks one satisfied customer.

    M. Adamsoncustomer
  • Great product. Arrived on time and well packaged. I’m now preparing delicious kefir eveyday. Fantastic product. Will buy again. Thanks.

    Omar Belo - Brazil customer
  • This is the first time I have tried this and although the taste was as expected the consistancy could have been thicker, maybe.

    M.A. Jonescustomer