Natural Yoghurt Starter Cultures

Natural Yoghurt Starter Cultures


With these starter cultures it is easy to make natural yoghurt at home yourself. The natural yoghurt has a rich and creamy taste. The product contains 3 sachets with fresh yoghurt cultures. With one sachet you can make ten batches of yoghurt. Depending on the desired amount, you can make between 400 and 800 ml of natural yoghurt. The starter cultures are completely natural and contain the original natural yoghurt bacteria. Unlike yoghurt products in the supermarket, this product contains no artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and stabilisers. To make the natural yoghurt, you need an electric or non-electric yoghurt maker.

  • Homemade yoghurt is NATURAL
  • Homemade yoghurt is HEALTHY
  • Homemade yoghurt is FRESH
  • For the preparation of at least 25 litres of yoghurt

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Homemade yoghurt is full of good bacteria
By making fresh yoghurt using our yoghurt starter cultures the end product is full of live cultures and good bacteria. This is unlike the yoghurt from the shop, which has made a long journey to the consumer, as a result of which many of the good bacteria are no longer active.

Yoghurt is a source for good health
Yoghurt is a natural source of calcium, protein, vitamin B2 and B12. Calcium is good for your bones, among other things; protein contributes to the growth and recovery of your muscles, and vitamin B12 and B2 ensure proper functioning of the digestive system and the nervous system.

Homemade yoghurt contains no additives
Yoghurt products from the supermarket are full of artificial colours and flavours, preservatives and stabilisers. Our products are different. Our starter cultures only contain what is needed to make delicious yoghurt: yoghurt bacteria.

Our products are not genetically modified
Our starter cultures are completely natural, contain the original yoghurt bacteria and are not genetically modified.

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