Kefir, a natural antibiotic


A probiotic can best be seen as a natural antibiotic. When we think of bacteria, diseases are the first things that spring to mind. Taking bacteria to encourage health benefits does seem slightly strange. That is why it is important to know that there are good and bad bacteria. Probiotics are living micro-organisms and so-called good bacteria. There are an estimated one hundred trillion micro-organisms in every normal healthy intestine. Most of these are beneficial. Probiotics increase the number of favourable bacteria in our intestines. This results in a better digestive system and an improves our body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

Kefir is one such natural antibiotic. The symbiosis of various lactic acid bacteria and yeasts in the Kefir results in a high acidic level in the intestines. A high level of acidity can help prevent other unfriendly organisms from surviving and ensures that only the probiotic micro-organisms can establish themselves. It is a good idea to use Kefir after a course of antibiotics in order to restore the bacterial balance in the intestines.

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